Drinking Straw Day ~ January 3rd

Drinking straws were invented by the Sumerians and were used to drink beer.  the oldest straw found was over 3000 BCE and was gold with lapis lazuli inlaid into it.  In the 1800’s Marvin C. Stone made the first paper drinking straw because he found the rye straws used to drink mint juleps to change the taste.  He would a paper around a pencil and led the ends together.  Later they came to be coated in wax.  Believe it or not, the width of a straw can have an effect on the beverage you are drinking, changing the taste due to the way the liquid hits your taste buds.

Why celebrate drinking straws?  Because they have withstood the test of time but have become more popular in more modern times, making it easy to drink on the go in these busy modern times, as well as making it simpler for kids to get that drink from cup to mouth without a spill.  To celebrate, drink your beverages with straws today, except maybe beer, which just seems weird to me (sorry Sumerians).

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