Motivation and Inspiration Day – January 2nd

Celebrated each year on January 2nd, this day was created by Kevin McCrudden after the tragic events of 9/11 as a reminder to always work on becoming our better selves.  With the help of congressman Felix Grucci, it was brought before Congress and made into a National Holiday on December 18, 2001.

Per Kevin “On National Motivation & Inspiration Day, I ask people—in particular, young adults—to take the time to write down their goals for that year, so that each year builds upon the previous ones and they can keep a record of their achievements.   This day is about creating new behaviors that will last a lifetime and helping them achieve their goals.”

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Take a good, honest look at yourself and write down your strengths, then write down what other people see at your strengths.  Write down your goals in small, achievable steps and keep moving forward with those small steps until you have reached your ultimate goals.

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